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Team Building Equipment


                     Team building equipment

Team Building KitWelcome to Team building equipment where you can purchase a variety of kits to run team building activities, training and developmental sessions with the groups that you work with. 

The variety of equipment that we can provide you with will not just allow you to have more games and activities in your repertoire, but they will enable you to help develop personal learning and thinking skills for all clientele worked with.


Who is this Team Building Equipment targeted at? 

The equipment that we sell can be used when developing teams of varying ages from school groups to executive managers. Our products are all designed so that they can fulfill a wide range of learning aims and objectives.


          What do you get when you purchase our Team Bulding Equipment?

When you buy a product or package of products from our team building activities equipment range, you not only get the implements for the activity but you will receive a brief of how that activity can be run, and a review prompts sheet to get the most from the process. The price of our team building kit includes delivery within the UK and excludes VAT.

Team Building Activities Kit





What is the Team Building Equipment made of ?

Our team building equipment is manufactured from a variety of materials from Birch ply wood, Foam EX which is a strong compact plastic, to MR-MDF a moisture resistant MDF. Products come in a range of colours and are finished professionally with mitred edges and laquered where neccesary.


Payment of Team building equipment 

There are a several ways that you can pay for your team building kit. You can either use the Barclaycard EPDQ which accepts most Debit and Credit Cards or alternativley you can request an invoice and then pay via cheque or BACSTeam Building Activities Equipment


Delivery of Team building kit

We have decided that all of our products come with free delivery within the UK. Should you wish to purchase products abroad then please do contact us for a price.









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Team Building Handcuffs

Team Building Handcuffs

Zoom - Team Building Exercise


Barrier Tape

Barrier / Hazard Tape

Towers Hanoi - Team Building

Towers Of Hanoi

Gutter Ball - Team Building Exercise

Gutter Ball

Sheep and Shepherd - Team Building Exercise

Sheep and Shepherd

Parachute Small

Play Parachute Small

Rope for Team Building

Ropes For Team Building

Parachute Big

Play Parachute Big


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 Team Building Activities KIts

Blindfold Shapes

Gutter Ball

Key Punch

Toxic Waste

Team Building Handcuffs

Planks Mini

Daisy Chain A

Towers of Hanoi

Sheep and Shepherd

Tangrams (MDF)

Daisy Chain B




Planks (Large)




 Team Building Accessories

  Blindfolds                                          Ropes                                            Plank Replacement Parts                Wooden Boxes

  Blindfold Goggles                             Barrier Tape                                   Tangram Worksheets