Mini Planks

Project Construct “mini”, or Mini Planks, is very similar to its larger counterpart, but for ease this version has been reduced in size making the whole unit comprising puzzle pieces and box weight in at 2kg.

Often known as Interlocker, shelving or planks, this activity uses puzzle pieces that feature grooves that need to be slotted together to form the design brief that is provided.

Once the team have solved this initial problem solving challenge the group can then proceed to the additional challenge of trying to do this at speed, which challenges the organisation of the team, on a whole new level.


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Additional information

Numbers or Participants:
– The ideal numbers would range from 4 – 8 depending which method of delivery is chose
Time Scale:
– Depending on delivery style 30 mins – 1hr+
Whats Included:
– Free UK Mainland delivery with orders over £50
– 15 piece puzzle
– Drawstring bag to contain pieces for storage and transport
– PDFs sent by email includes: Activity Brief, Review Prompts