Sky Tower

Sky Tower is an excellent team building activity that requires the group to stack different angled wooden blocks using a crane operated by the team. Each member of the team will have control part control of the crane with the emphasis on team communication to ensure everyone is moving as one. The objective being to stack as many blocks as possible.

This is a fantastic challenge testing groups communication skills, individuals ability to lead a group, ability to plan, and implement different techniques while collaborating as a team.


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Additional information

Numbers or Participants:
– 2-12 (Minimum of 4 recommended)
Time Scale:
– Depending on delivery style mins 30 – 1hr+
Whats Included:
– Free delivery within mainland UK (Please contact us for delivery outside this area)
– 8 angled wooden blocks, 12 handled crane and 9 wooden setup disks.
– PDFs sent by email includes: Activity Brief, Review Prompts