Toxic Waste

Toxic waste also known as acid circle or unexploded bomb is all about moving items in an inaccessible area without entering the exclusion zone. Our activity set has a few twists and with each canister being unique there is a whole host of challenges available.


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Additional information

Numbers or Participants:
– The ideal numbers would range from 4 – 10 depending which method of delivery is chosen
Time Scale:
– Depending on delivery style mins 20 – 60 mins
What’s Included:
– Free delivery on orders over £50 for UK Mainland
– 1 Toxic Waste box, 3 x Different toxic waste canisters, 1 x Tape, 8 x Tent pegs, Ropes, Padlock / Keys, Rubber Bands
– PDFs sent by email includes: Activity Brief, Review Prompts

Please note the design varies slightly from the photo as the boxes have evolved in design over time. A new picture to come soon.