Sheep and Shepherd – Budget

Sheep and Shepherd is a well known team building exercise where the shepherd must round up their sheep into an enclosed pen. It is a perfect activity for focusing on planning, communication and leadership. This is a good way to get everything you need to run this activity at a great price.


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Additional information

Numbers or Participants:
– The ideal numbers would range from 4 – 12 depending which method of delivery is chosen
Time Scale:
– Depending on delivery style and numbers 20 – 40 mins
Whats Included:
– Free UK Mainland delivery with orders over £50
– 12 blindfolds (Plus 8 spares) = 20
– 2 whistles with lanyards
– 1 x boundary rope (10 meter) for marking out the pen.
– 6 x galvanised steel tent pegs for pegging down the pen
– All contained within a strong cotton drawstring bag
– PDFs sent by email includes: Activity Brief, Review Prompts